kiwi-preschool-santa-rosa-17Many of our parents work or live in Windsor and need a preschool in Santa Rosa to accommodate their commute so they can be close to their child when they are at work. There are many reasons why Windsor residents choose us as their top pick for a child care center. Only about 10-15 minutes away, Kiwi Preschool is most of the time the best pick for quality childcare for Windsor residents.

Our Kiwi Preschool Curriculum

Every week our childcare staff rolls out a new curriculum lesson that enriches your child’s knowledge and learning. These detailed lessons are fun and provide just enough challenge to stimulate growth as they work together as a team and individually to practice learning. Teaching these learning methods as a child is important, because these vital skills will follow them through the rest of their lives into high school, college, and the workforce. The earlier a child can be taught teamwork and learning strategies, the better their chances of success.

  • Work Habits
  • Creative Expression
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social Skills
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Math Readiness
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Reading Readiness

Specialized Learning Process

Kiwi Preschool offers a very detailed assessment for each child throughout their stay here. No two children have the same style of learning, and that’s a fact we hold closely as we incorporate different learning strategies depending on what your child needs.

Each Spring we perform our assessments, and we invite parents out to talk with us about the growth their child has shown. We talk parents through several topics of behavior and learning, and we go over the performance in the learning skills mentioned above. Parent participation is highly encouraged – by working together we will give your child the full benefit of our curriculum!

Windsor Preschool

Kiwi Preschool Child Care

child care for windsor - Kiwi Preschool

Directions From Windsor

1. Get onto US-101 S
2. Take the exit toward Sonoma
3. Merge onto CA-12 E
4. Left onto Farmers Ln
5. Right on Montgomery Dr
6. Right on Summerfield Rd.
7. We’re on the right: 573 Summerfield Rd

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