Arts & Crafts Keep a Child Entertained as Well as Educate & Boost Creativity!

Kiwi Preschool & Child Care CenterWhether you are looking at crafts for preschoolers or the different art projects for preschoolers, you know there should be something that the child can learn from what they are doing. The follow ideas are ones that a child can learn from and it can prove to be useful to them later on in life.

Fun Puppets

Those looking for art projects for preschoolers will find that paper cup puppets are a great project. When working with a budget, you can get some inexpensive paper cups and some art supplies and let them make fun puppets they can play with. Then, using a hole punch, make a small hole in the side of a paper cup. Then you draw a face on this cup, using the hole as a nose. Now, have the toddler stick their hand in the cup and stick a finger out of the nose. They can move the cup around and use it as a puppet.

Practical Crafts They Can Use

Another quick and inexpensive option when exploring art projects for preschoolers is using a paper cup and some markers to make holders for small items. Allow the child to color the exterior of the cup with their favorite colors and shapes and then give them a few stickers to place on it. This can be a pencil holder for their crayons, other items they use in class, or for snack time.

Glue Projects

When looking for crafts for preschoolers, you will find that colored glue can be a fun and unique option for them. Take several half-empty white liquid glue bottles and some tempera paint. Give each child a bottle of glue and a choice of color for it to become. Now, mix an equal part of tempera paint and glue in the bottle and put the child’s name on the glue. You can then use it to make various projects during the day. This includes colorful glue paint pictures your children can create or use it to put together Popsicle sticks in a colorful fashion.

Music & Art – A Great Combination

Beyond arts and crafts, there is music education which can further boost a child’s creativity. We’ve found that children love the bright colors of a xylophone. A fun project is having a child make their own xylophone out of colored Playdough or clay.


Children's Arts and CraftsPlaydough is one of the fun crafts for preschoolers that is safe and exciting for them to make. All you need is a couple of cups of flour, a cup of salt, a cup of water, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and your favorite food coloring. Place all these ingredients in each child’s bowl and allow them to mix them up good with their hands. This will form a ball that can be used to sculpt items or to punch, hit, stretch and do a variety of other actions to promote the learning process.

An endless number of options could come up when working on these crafts. Take a few minutes to consider all the children in your class and come up with projects tailored to their educational needs.

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