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Many parents come to us because they work or live in Santa Rosa and need dependable and professional care for their children. They want a team of caring individuals to look after their kids, someone they can trust in. Kiwi Preschool offers a safe, friendly, and educational environment for your young one(s). Our childcare center is in Santa Rosa, so you don't have to drive a long ways to drop your child off and pick him/her up. Our parents love our location and they love our facilities. You'll love it, too!

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Our Successful Preschool Curriculum

Our trained staff adheres to a set curriculum. We provide detailed lessons, with a new one being taught each week as we change the themes. Our students participate in large and small groups, and they are even taught to study independently as well to boost various types of learning. The projects are directed by both teacher and child - providing children to bolster their leadership at a young age in a safe and friendly environment. Not only will your child have friends, they will learn to be a friend to others!

We keep our curriculum diverse, fun, and stimulating. Your child(ren) will not grow 'tired' or 'bored' of our exciting lessons, as we are always incorporating new themes within our lessons and activities. We utilize hands-on approaches to learning where your child can puzzle solve and boost their cognitive function and motor function in creative ways. We also effort to boost social skills providing your child the opportunity to work in a team where each member of the team has a specific assignment, and they work together to complete the task. These lessons are very stimulating for young minds and will benefit them for life.

Our environment is stress-free and enjoyable to be in -- this is one thing you'll notice when you first walk into our child care center. Children learn and engage more when they're relaxed and having fun. We custom-tailor every aspect of our preschool to serve as the ideal learning and playing environment. We're proud to be one of the most well-rounded preschools in Sonoma!

We offer lessons in the following areas :

  • Reading Readiness
    We've seen children boost their basic understanding of reading, thus effectively preparing them for kindergarten.
  • Creative Expression
    Children are given a warm and welcoming environment to express their individuality in a team environment to help them become confident in who they are. We use arts, crafts, coloring, puzzles, and fun group-games to accomplish this. They will each be taught the importance of this individuality by teaming up to solve challenges. After they complete these games we provide them, we'll often see them recreating the challenges and solving them as a team on the playground.
  • Social Skills
    Working as a team requires the ability to effectively communicate with other members. As you know, teamwork is a skill that only grows more important throughout life. The earlier a child learns the importance of teamwork, the quicker they will adapt to team environments.
  • Work Habits
    A strong work ethic is not something that is simply learned in adulthood - it begins as a child. We provide means for children to enjoy the tasks they are given and give it their best effort.
  • Gross Motor Development
    A child needs an adequate environment to utilize their growing and strengthening bodies. Kiwi Preschool's spacious playground is a perfect place to expend some of that endless energy of youth. Many of our parents see their children having so much fun and mention that they wish they were a kid again!
  • Fine Motor Development
    The intricate muscles in the hands are important to develop at an early age in preparation for writing, drawing, making arts & crafts, tying shoes, and more. We provide children very simple and basic tasks to develop their fine motor skills, and as they advance we'll give them opportunities to grow and improve on their skills with tasks that may be slightly more challenging.
  • Math Readiness
    Math doesn't have to be scary for a child! If you make it fun, stimulating, and enjoyable, children will take an interest in the concept of math at a young age. We utilize colors and pictures to help promote the basic concepts of arithmetic.
  • Cognitive Development
    We believe that cognition is best developed at a young age through a combination of increasing fine motor skills, creative puzzle-solving, social skill building, teamwork participation, and physical activities. As the young child's mind develops and grows, those neural connections will accelerate as tasks are completed in creative ways with the use of various skills. Likewise, and just as important, is play time and fun time, where children will find their own ways to stimulate their mind. Learning at a young age is usually initiated by the child - as they grow and develop they will seek out new challenges to increase their learning and understanding of the world around them. We simply provide a warm and fun environment to facilitate their cognitive growth.

Monitored learning and growth

We perform an elaborate assessment of each child in their growth. We understand that no two children are the same, so we work with them to learn about their areas of strength and weakness. After these assessments in the Spring, parents have the opportunity to meet with the teacher and go over the results to encourage further growth and learning. We greatly encourage the participation of the parent(s) during these conferences to gain a greater understanding of the unique talent that your child possesses!

Wonderful Location in the Heart of Sonoma County

With our preschool so central to Sonoma, parents find it very convenient to drop off and pick up their children at our Santa Rosa location. We're just 20 minutes from Petaluma, 18 minutes from Healdsburg, 10 minutes from Rohnert Park, and 13 minutes from Windsor. If you work in Santa Rosa, you'll find it equally convenient to drop off and pick up before and after work. Additionally, we're located only a couple minutes from Highway 12 making it easy for you to access.

Kiwi Preschool is delighted to provide quality childcare for over two decades in Santa Rosa! We look forward to another twenty years serving this wonderful community!

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